Introducing: Signature Escapes 

by Tailored Compass

What if you could book your vacation with just one click and feel totally confident that you’re in for a spectacular stay, at a fantastic value that comes with expert support when you need it?

Discover why a Signature Escape is your perfect vacation solution and then explore upcoming itineraries you can join!

You need a Tailored Compass Signature Escape. 

Throughout the year, I hand-select incredible properties and reserve a block of rooms just for TCTD clients over special dates. Then I invite YOU to join in the fun! Every travel detail is thoughtfully arranged for you, for a click and book experience that’s way better than using a sketchy online booking engine. 

Easy, Effortless Escapes

I design Tailored Compass Signature Escapes to make it easy for you to vacation

With exactly who you want to, when you want to without having to worry about juggling any of the travel logistics yourself. I pick date periods that often align with school breaks, so you can say “yes!” to a vacation with ease.

Book your family an awesome all-inclusive stay over Spring Break, or opt to vacation with a few of your favorite couples at a chic resort with built-in entertainment during a long summer weekend. The time, place, and amazing rate are already smoothed out for you. All you have to do is share the special TCSE itinerary with your preferred travel companions, and then I’ll take care of the rest!


Value-Packed Vacations

Not to mention, it gives you all your time back since you don’t have to plan a single thing yourself. I reserve a set of rooms during certain date ranges for my clients to book into, which means that I may be able to secure special group rates you wouldn’t get if you booked yourself directly with a resort. Plus, when you choose a TCSE itinerary, I’ll discount our Design Fee for you! 


Tailored Compass Signature Escapes give you an amazing value for your vacation

Expertly Curated Stays

I put that knowledge to work for you when I curate each Signature Escape. Every property and experience is hand-selected by me, and I trust the resort to deliver an exceptional vacation for you from beginning to end. So go ahead, book with confidence because every Signature Escape has my expert stamp of approval.


As an in the know travel expert, I have insider intel on the most scintillating destinations and top resorts that I’m sure will wow TCTD clients.

I’m working on adding new itineraries soon! Join the TCSE waitlist so you’ll have first-in-line access to upcoming itineraries:

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