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I’m Carli Good

Before founding my travel agency, I spent two decades in the non-profit space, where I would listen to donors’ dreams and then spin that into the perfect proposal. 

Delivering unforgettable moments of connection on every escape with a bit of magic sprinkled in.

Let’s leave every traveler smiling

So, I became determined to make the most of our vacation time together.

Whether that was hunting down the best boba tea (my daughter’s favorite) in the neighborhood, riding the world's first single rail roller coaster over and over and over (my oldest loved it!), or catching a live sporting event (3 of my boys are fanatics!), my approach to creating balanced family vacations kept the kids present, engaged, and eager for every new adventure.

Of course, it’s not all about the kids—I also really treasure the time I’m able to get away with just my husband (and at least twice per trip I think, we could’ve never done this with the kids in tow!). 

Now, I do the same for my clients!

My move from donor lists to bucket lists was sparked by a simple realization: Travel is essential for bringing families together. With a demanding career, equally overworked husband, and five kids at home (yes, five!), I was juggling a lot. Quality together time was hard to come by; in fact, one of the few ways we did get to simply enjoy time together as a family was on vacation, when we left all the homework deadlines and work duties behind.

The key? Finding at least one special thing to appeal to each family member on every escape.

Creating time for the two of us to connect was just as vital as our fun family escapes.

Finding that special “spark” for every traveler is what energizes me. 

I’ll work hard to ensure that we sprinkle in a little bit of magic for everyone on your escape, too. Because if you’re anything like me, vacations are too precious to leave to chance. So let’s make some vacation magic together and make every moment count!

Whether you’re seeking a fun family getaway that pleases everyone and where you don’t have to worry about a thing or a reconnecting romantic escape with your partner, I’ll design, book, and manage it all for you.

Take the trip—and make memories that will last a lifetime. 


All you have to do? Take the trip and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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My favorite destination with our kids is Tybee Island; without them it’s Asheville, N.C.  

We buy a Christmas tree ornament on all of our trips; it reminds us of the joy from that trip when we hang it up each year. 

I love our family tradition of taking my kids on the trip of their choice for their 10th birthdays—4 down and 1 to go! The oldest is already planning his trip for his 20th birthday (though I’m not sure we signed on for that!!).

One of my favorite travel memories is having family photos taken at sunrise on Tybee Island. A wave crashed behind us and we all went down and were soaked! 

I joke we never got a honeymoon. My husband and I got married on Valentine's Day 2020. While we have been to many, many places since, I’m not claiming any of them as the honeymoon—so I think he still owes me one!  

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